Easy file printing in Windows

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Printing is a pretty basic function of your computer and the programs that live on it. If you're writing a letter to Santa or putting together a report, you probably want it to hit a piece of paper at some point.

PrintFile is a tool that can help with printing out your files. While probably every app that creates a file has basic printing functionality built into it, this app adds to that basic capability. With text files, for example, you can print out multiple pages on each sheet of paper—put four pages worth of information on a single sheet of paper. You can print directly from the system clipboard as well—no need to copy text to the clipboard, fire-up a text editor or word processor, paste into that document, and print. Point it at a specific directory, and whenever a file is dropped into that folder, it automatically prints it. If you've got a conversion program like Ghostscript on your system, you can even use it to print Postscript files on non-Postscript printers.

You can grab PrintFile for free. It's a Windows app, with installers for everything from Windows 3.1 up through Vista and beyond.

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