A minimalist to-do manager

runs on Windows
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It's pretty much a given: if you're alive, then you're busy. Projects at work, stuff at home; report's due by the end of the week, kids have to get to soccer this afternoon. While you may need some help keeping track of it all, the last thing you need is some complicated tool that takes more time and effort to use than to just remember to do this stuff yourself. You need a simple to-do tool.

Simple Todo is a clean, easy-to-use reminder system for your hectic life. It's easy to add or remove reminders, prioritize them, and tick them off as you complete them. Color coding makes it easy to spot high priority tasks. It's a simple standalone executable, so no extra DLLs or Registry entries to mess up your system; ideal to load onto a USB thumb drive.

You can grab Simple Todo for free and run it on your Windows system.

Download Simple Todo

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  1. Sofia says:

    I have used this tiny little app – works great on a netbook if you don’t need a lot of features.

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