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Why might you want to have your computer read documents to you? Read, as in it speaks the words to you while you listen. Maybe you're busy and this is your way to multitask—listen to that new report while you're working on something else. Maybe you wrote a speech and wonder just what it might sound like. Or perhaps vision issues keep you from being able to make sense of things on your monitor. These or other potential reasons would seem to be plenty.

In the World of Mac, being able to listen to spoken text goes way back. Heck, you can even have system messages spoken to you. But on Windows machines, it's never been that easy to listen to what you're reading. That's why they built Panopreter Basic.

With Panopreter Basic, it's easy to convert text—almost any text—into WAV or MP3 audio files, that you can then listen to. It works with text files, Word DOCs, web pages, and more. Convert your text to sound and listen to it, burn it to a CD, turn it into a podcast—go nuts! It's even got an "immediate mode" that takes text you type into a window and converts it instantly to sound.

Panopreter Basic is a free download. It's a Windows app, and is compatible with systems running Microsoft SAPI 5 or above.

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2 Responses to “Free text-to-speech tool”

  1. buyerbeware says:

    This program does not work with microsoft word documents. it does not work with wordpad or notepad very well, either. stick with tazti or some similar program that actually works and allows one to perform any number of tasks with their voice. but thanx for the opportunity to try your offering.

  2. Cpu says:

    I run Panopreter Basic on my Windows 7 desktop, it reads aloud naturally and clearly.

    By the way, it can read out the text file(.txt), MS word document on my PC, it also saves the speech to mp3.

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