Where's my disk space?

runs on Windows
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How much free space is there on your hard drive? There are all kinds of tools to help you answer that question, some better suited than others. Lots of them show blobs of colors to let you see relative sizes of this file or that directory compared with others. While that's good for comparisons, it doesn't always tell you just how much space is involved—how may bytes or megabytes or gigabytes of data we're talking about.

TreeSize Free helps you get a handle on your files. Choose a specific directory, or examine a whole drive; you access this tool through the context (right click) menu in Windows Explorer, which means it's always available to you when you need it. Values for file- and directory size are displayed in the window; in addition, colored bars in the background give you a feel for relative sizes of items in the list. Want to make a record of what you see? Hit the Print button and you'll get a hard copy of your disk information.

TreeSize Free is a Windows application. The current release runs under Windows 2000 and later; you can also still grab an earlier version designed for Win9x and WinME.

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  1. Traciatim says:

    Windirstat is better

  2. Chica says:

    Windirstat is better….just tried it.

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