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While sometimes change is good, other times it makes sense to rely on old, reliable processes. Like memorizing stuff. When you come right down to it, there's nothing like drilling over and over again to learn those multiplication tables, vocabulary words, or any of zillions of other facts. More times than not, that has meant using flash cards. The same is still true today, although flash cards have been updated.

Anki is a tool that lets you use your computer as a big flash card—or several of them. Enter the questions and the answers, and then let your computer drill you on your facts. It supports text, audio, images, and even video, so you can study stuff you never could on plain old index cards. And along with your mastering the content, the app keeps track of how often you're quizzed on a particular card—and how well you've answered—so that it can tailor your studying to emphasize the things you need more work on.

Anki is available on just about any platform you'd care to name, including Linux, BSD, Mac, Windows, and even as an iPhone app. Time to get smart.

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