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Genealogy is an interesting hobby. When you trace your family line, you gain insight into who you are and where you come from. It can also be a bit confusing, especially after you've gone back a couple of generations. How are all those people related? You can see the lines on the family tree, but what exactly do you call those people?

Cousin Calculator helps you figure out what your relationship is to others in your family, or relations between other members of the clan. By looking back to find a common ancestor shared by two individuals, you can see what kind of "cousin" you are. It can help take away some of the mystery of trying to figure out the difference between first cousins, second cousins, and the always elusive first cousin once removed.

The Cousin Calculator is available in several different versions: online as a web page (JavaScript required), as a download for Windows (or MS-DOS), or even for Mac (PPC only).

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