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While it may be a simplistic way to analyze the complexities of the world, we seem to delight in creating lists that look something like "there are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe the Moon is made of green cheese, and those who don't." While this doesn't pass for in-depth analysis, it helps us to organize at least a little piece of our experience.

Turns out there are two different kinds of programs that run on our computers, those that have a user interface (word processors, web browsers, that sort of thing), and those that don't. In the Unix world, these apps are often called "daemons", but in the world according to Windows, they're more often called "services." Services are applications that run in the background to keep our computers doing the stuff that they do. Many of them are loaded automatically when we start our systems up. With programs that have an interface, it's easy to start and stop them and to tweak them to behave the way you want them to. For services, it's a more complicated task.

TSM (Turbo Service Manager) is a tool that lets you get in there and fine tune how your Windows services behave. Add new ones, remove old ones, change how they run, that sort of thing. You can manage this kind of stuff with various admin tools that come with Windows, but sometimes it requires a fair amount of digging to find just the exact pieces you're looking for. With TSM, it's easy to bend Windows to your will. Make changes, or use its "test load" functionality to see what would happen if you were to make an adjustment. That can be important, because it's also easy to hose your system, so you need to be really, really sure that you know what you're doing.

TSM is a free download.

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