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There's no doubt your computer is a powerful tool. It can crunch numbers, process data, and do a whole bunch of other great stuff. Unfortunately, it's a complicated piece of machinery, and from time to time, it can go on the fritz. You can have problems with memory; the CPU can mess up, and the hard drive can flake out on you. Fortunately, there is help out there.

TestDisk is an application that can give you a hand when your hard drive starts to go nuts. Specifically, it deals with broken, missing, or lost partitions, and with bootable disks that don't boot any more. If your problem is a specific hardware issue, it's not going to help, but if your hard drive has seen better days because of runaway programs, nasty viruses, or (shudder) operator error, you might want to give it a go.

This app can deal with a wide variety of different operating system and disk combinations. It knows about FAT and NTFS file systems on your Windows machine, HFS and variants on your Mac, as well as ext2 and ext3 filesystems on your Linux machine, and a bunch of others. Because this is complicated and potentially dangerous stuff, there are detailed instructions on just how to use this tool.

TestDisk is a free download. And good luck.

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