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If you've ever been a Fourth Grader, you have experience building a diorama. These little shadow-box scenes of dinosaurs, the Battle of the Alamo, and more have a particular look to them. You can recreate that look without all the cut-up shoeboxes and Plasticene everywhere.

TiltShiftMaker takes your digital photo and manipulates it to look like a miniature. It does this by letting you focus in on a specific subject or area in the image and then selectively blurring items in the background. By changing the scope of the areas to be blurred and left untouched, you can dramatically change the appearance of your image. Choose an image from your hard drive, or specify a URL for a picture on the Web, and go. This tool works its magic, and lets you view and download the result.

TiltShiftMaker is a free online service, and you don't have to register to use it; all you need to get started is a browser and an image. And maybe a little nostalgia for paste and glitter all over your hands.

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