Defective pixels tester

runs on Windows
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As you know if you've looked closely at your computer screen, the image you see on the display isn't so much like a photograph, with continuous lines and colors, as it is like a picture in the newspaper, with a bunch of little dots scattered around to make your brain think it's seeing a single picture. When everything works the way it's supposed to, it's all good. But of course, things don't always roll that way.

Defpix is a tool that can help you to identify defective pixels on your screen. By filling the screen with color—white, black, red, green, blue—you can identify pixels that are always on or always off. Whether a whole pixel is toast—always white or black—or you've having a problem with just a single sub-pixel—any of the individual RGB elements that don't behave as expected—you'll know once and for all whether your screen is having problems, or if you just need to get in there and dust a little more often.

You can use Defpix on systems running Windows. It's a free download and doesn't involve an installer, so you're not adding a bunch of extra junk to your machine.

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