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There are never enough hours in the day. For that matter, there are never enough hands to get all the work done. While computers have brought us a long way in terms of productivity, they still require you to sit there banging away at the keyboard or relentlessly clicking that mouse. It would be handy if the machine itself would take care of some of those tasks.

Perfect Automation may be the answer. This app includes a scheduler tool, so you can run programs at preset times. Use it as a program launcher, so you don't have to dig through the Start menu to get things up and running. Maybe best of all, it's got a keyboard and mouse recorder. Step through your process once while recording it, and then play it back whenever you need to. Now instead of getting bogged down in a long series of complicated steps, you reduce all the tedium to simply playing back your script. That frees you up to return that phone call you never get to, or lets you go grab that all important next cup of coffee. There's also a script editor, so you can tweak your recorded scripts, or even write new ones from scratch. Perfect Automation is built to use the open source Gentee programming language, so the sky's the limit in terms of the complexity you build into your scripts.

You can grab Perfect Automation for free. It's currently compatible with systems running Windows (Win2k and later); an older version still available on their site runs under Linux as well.

Download Perfect Automation

2 Responses to “Free Windows automation application”

  1. Swannie says:

    Avira Anti-virus reports the download file to contain the trojan known as TR/Dropper.Gen.

  2. brad says:

    above software does not work under linux according to the developer – very disappointed – trying forever to find a keyboard macro program for linux users! please help anyone??