Encode and Obfuscate PHP Scripts

runs on Windows
screenshot of PHP Obfuscator

Don't you hate it when people just sit there an look over your shoulder while you work? First of all, I just can't type with that extra set of eyes there; but more than that, maybe I don't want everybody in the world knowing exactly what I'm up to. Like coding a cool new script or application—after all, they call it "proprietary" for a reason. So how do you keep the prying eyes away?

PHP Obfuscator is a tool that keeps everybody from getting in there and mucking about with your code. It takes PHP code and turns it into gibberish that humans can't read, but that your server has no problem with. Pick a file or pick a whole directory, turn the crank, and your super new algorithm is super secret. You can choose which pieces to hide, including variables, functions, and more. Now you can distribute your code without giving away all your hard work.

An open source tool, PHP Obfuscator is a Windows application and runs on systems under XP and later. The resulting code should work on all PHP-enabled web servers.

Download PHP Obfuscator

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