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Back in the day, you used to learn your keyboarding skills in Typing class. You used this thing called a typewriter and you learned how to type by touch, the proper format to use for correspondence, and all kinds of other nifty stuff. Nowadays, there's hardly a typewriter to be found anywhere, and not many folks mail a letter, but we live our lives typing—into computers. That means that those typing skills are still pretty important.

PowerTyping is a free online service that teaches you how to type, and helps you improve your speed and accuracy by drilling you on your typing skills. Whether you're new to the whole keyboard thing, or you want to progress beyond the "hunt and peck" approach, give this tool a try. They are set up to work with the regular QWERTY keyboard, as well as the alternative Dvorak key layout. They've got exercises and games to give you practice, and provide feedback on how you're doing. Now if only you could figure out how to touch type on your smart phone's keyboard.

You'll need a web browser with Flash installed to use PowerTyping.

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