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The good news: you just bit the bullet, spent a pile of your hard-earned money, and got a sparkly new computer. The bad news: it's got tons of junk software pre-loaded on it. If you really aren't ever going to use WordPerfect or last year's version of Quicken, is there a reason to have it taking up space on your system?

SlimComputer is an application that can help you take out the trash from your new system. Just by pushing a couple of buttons, you can disable services turned on by default that may put your system at risk, get rid of links you aren't going to use, and maybe most importantly, remove all that trialware and other junk that's just getting in the way. It uses community feedback to figure out what "unwanted" means, so the lists it works from are constantly updated. And if you have second thoughts about stuff you've removed, it has a Restore feature, to undo what you just did.

SlimComputer is a free tool. It runs on Windows system under XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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  1. megaman says:

    This program worked wonders. It practically removed junk from Toshiba that I didn’t want/need.

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