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Can you ever have enough storage space? People are making a small fortune out there designing and installing custom closet organizers. Self-storage facilities are almost as numerous as Starbucks. And what about the stuff on your computer? Can't stuff that in the closet, but there are other options you can take advantage of.

MyDrive offers two gigabytes of free storage space for your photos, reports, and other important goodies. Use it to share pictures of the kids with the in-laws, or collaborate on that big project with co-workers. Along with your "regular" account, you get a guest account that lets you grant different permissions—maybe read-only?—to the folks you're sharing information with. You can map your storage space to your local filesystem via WebDAV, or you can use their Java or Flash uploaders, or just a plain old web form.

All you need to use MyDrive is a valid email address and something you want to share with others. And mom always told you it was nice to share.

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