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runs on Windows
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The little things matter. Like when you're filling in a web form and the field you're typing into wants 40 characters and no more. Or when you're supposed to answer a question in 25 words or less. Or you need a blog post that's at least 300 words long. You can spend your day counting, or you can put your computer on the case.

Text Tally is a nice little application that can give you a hand here. If you've got a question about something you're typing up, just copy it to the clipboard, and Text Tally will give you the low-down on what you've got there. If you'd prefer, you can copy and paste text into its application window, or you can type right into it. No matter how your text gets in there, Text Tally will display the number of characters in your passage, as well as the number of words and the number of lines. If you're going to be counting a lot, you can just minimize the app to the System Tray to keep it out of your way, yet always at the ready.

Text Tally is a free Windows application.

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  1. This looks like a very interesting program and I’m downloading it now. I have my own little “freebies” blog but I have to put more blog posts on it. I mentioned your site on my own blog and thought I would visit to see what you had in store for us and found this great program that you mentioned!

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