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Keeping up with the Joneses. We all want the latest do-dad that the neighbors have; after all, who wants to be left behind? In the computer world, this is particularly true. New machines, new peripherals, new software—we want it all.

Mac users are probably familiar with Growl, the notifier app that gives you a heads-up when things happen on your system: a download is complete, a Skype call is coming in, that sort of thing. Well, now Windows users can take advantage of this same functionality with Growl for Windows.

You can configure this app for the type of notification you want—visual, audio, both—when a target event happens. The program that generates the event, whether a web browser, RSS feed aggregator, IM application, of something else, must be compatible with Growl for Windows for it all to work, but there are a fair number of popular tools that do just that, and they're adding new ones all the time.

Growl for Windows is a free download.

Download Growl for Windows

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