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Every flavor of Windows since before forever has included a calculator application. Sometimes it gives you enough functionality that you're in good shape. Often, though, you're left wanting. If you're sitting in front of all this computing power and still find that you need to use your ten-key, then there's something seriously lacking in your life. Time to look for an after-market calculator app.

SFR Calculator may be what you're looking for. Yes, it adds and subtracts just like the high-priced calculator, but it does more than just that. It features a virtual tape, that lets you look back at your calculations and see what numbers you actually punched in, to make sure you've got the right info in there. Add to that subtotals, and you can see how your calculations are progressing. You can add notes and annotations so that you'll remember not only that you added 4 + 3, but you'll also remember why you did. Print your work out, or even save it to a file, so you can print it out next week, or next year. It's got buttons you can customize, so if you do a particular complicated calculation over and over, you can do it all with just a single button push.

SFR Calculator is a free download. It's a Windows app and you should be able to run it under anything from Windows 2000 up through Windows 7.

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4 Responses to “A better calculator”

  1. Not Impressed says:

    (Not) A better calculator

    OK, it has some nice features. BUT it has no scientific, financial, or statistical capability. AND it is 8MB. Talk about code bloat!

  2. Phil K says:

    8 MEGABYTES and you’re complaining ?
    How big’s your Hard Drive ? 2 gigabytes ?

  3. bert says:

    Very nice piece of software. I like it.

  4. Sean says:

    why not use a virtual calculator online

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