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Love means never having to say you're sorry. At least that's what they say in the movies. For the rest of us, there's plenty of opportunity to have to apologize to others, whether in personal or business situations. Maybe you spoke too harshly, or perhaps you misunderstood someone else's message and overreacted to it. No matter what the circumstance, sometimes a heartfelt "I'm sorry" is just what is needed.

Apology Letters is a free service that can help you put together your own letter of apology. They've got templates you can personalize and use for your own letters of apology. There are letters appropriate for general apologies, as well as apologies for personal situations, letters of apology for bad behavior–you do really want to apologize to that judge while there's still time–and letters of apology for the workplace, whether you're apologizing to the boss or to a customer.

In addition to apology letter templates, they've got tips on what goes into a good letter of apology. You can view the apology letter templates online, or you can download them in DOC format, suitable for use in Microsoft Word or any other app that can deal with the DOC format. And they're free, so you won't have to apologize for spending too much when you write your apology.

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