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Different jobs call for different tools. You use a hammer to drive a nail, but you'll have better luck with a wrench when it comes to tightening a bolt. In some cases, you can use a particular tool for more than one job. Like your computer: you can use it as a word processor and as a graphics editor, although you don't use it the same way for both jobs. Take your screen resolution, for example.

When you're working with text, you may want to use a lower screen resolution on your display. This keeps the onscreen font large enough to actually be able to read the text. But if you're editing a huge image, you may want to crank up the resolution so that you can see the whole picture all at once on your monitor, rather than having to scroll around to see all the pieces. Changing your screen resolution can be a pain in the neck, so it's nice to find a tool that can help make it a bit easier.

With Display Changer, it's easy to change the resolution, size, color depth, and refresh rate. And even better: you can hook these changes to specific applications on your system. Now you can have your display show one way for text-heavy apps, another way for graphics uses, or whatever your heart desires. It's available both with a nice GUI that makes it user-friendly, and as a console app, great for embedding in a batch file to automate the process. It also supports multiple displays, giving you even more control.

Display Changer is a free Windows application. They've tested it on XP and later, but it should probably run on NT/Me/2000, and there's even a legacy version compatible with Win98 if you're so inclined.

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2 Responses to “Windows Display Changer”

  1. Eric says:

    Why would you decrease the resolution of your display to see the text bigger? Every word processor I’ve ever used allows you to zoom in. That’s a lot simpler than changing your resolution every time.

  2. @ previous poster:
    The automatic assumption that working with text automatically means working with a word processor does not necessarily need to be true, you know.

    There is really a lot more to computers than just the word processor. In the world of text editor software or even programming IDE’s, there is no zoom factor to play with.

    And with the emergence of wide-screen monitors (or when the eyes start to fade a bit), you will appreciate this kind of software.