CLI Companion lets you store commands

runs on Linux
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We've all heard some variation on the quote "with great power comes great responsibility". While there seems to be some question about where it came from, there's probably a bit of truth in it: if you've got some super power, you should use it for good.

In Linux, and the other Unix-like operating systems, users have great power. There are bunches of tools available that let you stand the system on its ear and do all kinds of nifty things with your files. Unfortunately, the most powerful way to take advantage of this strength is in a terminal window at a command prompt. While you can do a lot, often to be most effective, you've got to remember several different command line arguments, and get them all in the right order, to get your work done. You can work through it by trial and error, or having a dog-eared Unix manual sitting next to you, or maybe you'd like to try your luck with CLI Companion.

CLI Companion gives you a terminal window to work in, but it adds a database of frequently used commands. Now instead of having to remember the complete syntax for one of those slick shell commands, you can just grab it off a list. And if you've got a favorite that's not included on the list, it's easy to just add your own.

CLI Companion is a free, open source tool for your Linux system.

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