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URL-shortener tools have become important in the Age of Twitter. In a medium where every character counts. you can't have page addresses that are dozens, if not hundreds, of characters long. You can't say anything very interesting in only 140 characters if a link in your tweet takes up most of the space.

Whether you use TinyURL,, or most of the other systems, you'll get your shortened URL, but only one link at a time. If you're pointing to multiple pages, you're going to have to post multiple shortened links. After a while, you're back to where you started from. That's where comes in. functions like the other URL shorteners, but it allows you to grab multiple pages at once. Enter a URL into their webform, and it'll prompt you for another one. Keep adding website addresses until you've got them all in there. Now when you generate that short, cryptic link, you're actually grabbing all those pages at once. Click on the link and it opens a window with your first page showing, but along with it comes with a next / previous control. Now you can step through all those pages to examine them one-at-a-time, all from the same shortened URL link. Pretty nifty. is a free online service. All you need is a web browser and a bunch of pages you want to generate shortened links for.


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