Q-Dir Windows file manager

runs on Windows
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Windows Explorer is a reasonably good file manager application. You can organize files, create directories, drag stuff from here to there. It gets the job done, but it's nothing special. Once things start to get complicated, you've got to open multiple windows, and nothing ever seems to be exactly where you want it. That's where after-market file manager apps come in handy.

Q-Dir is one such tool. It has all the drag-and-drop functionality you expect, but it lets you work smarter. Instead of opening multiple windows, for example, you get separate file-browsing instances in multiple panes in the main application window. No more having to drag and reposition windows in order to drag that file or directory from here to there. Look at your filesystem as a tree, browse individual directories, or even take advantage of thumbnails for your image files. Color coding lets you see what you're looking for easier. And you can run it from a USB stick, since there's no extra DLLs or Registry entries to get in the way.

You can grab a copy of Q-Dir for free. It runs under Windows.

Download Q-Dir

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