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Your computer's got a lot going on. You've got email and instant messages coming and going; Twitter and Facebook always want to be updated; streaming video must be watched. How are you supposed to get any work done? Unfortunately, sometimes you don't.

PyRoom can help keep you on task. When you fire it up, everything else on your system goes away. Well, okay, it doesn't really go anywhere, but you can't see it any more, and that's almost as good. By default you'll get a plain old green-on-black display, much as you might see if you were working on a terminal. Type what you need to, uninterrupted by all that other stuff that thinks it wants your attention. You can still work on multiple documents at once, so it's not really like going back to the typewriter (kids, ask your parents). There are no fancy buttons to push, but you can still control all the behind the scenes stuff through the use of keyboard shortcuts.

For right now, PyRoom is available for Linux systems, and there are installers for several of the more popular flavors. The developers also promise a Windows version in the not so distant future.

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