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When you work hard, you get all worn out. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that will help is to go to sleep. So out come the 'jammies and into bed you go. Your computer gets tired too. When it decides to go to sleep, it doesn't look for its blankie; rather it goes into one of its various sleep modes. Unfortunately, however, no matter how tired your electronic buddy gets, sometimes you don't really want it to sleep.

Generally when you're working on your system, you're banging away at the keyboard and clicking like crazy on your mouse. But sometimes, you're hard at work even though you're not interacting directly with your machine. Maybe you're downloading some huge file, or running a backup, or maybe compiling an enormous new application you just created. You definitely don't want your computer to take a snooze on you at a critical time like this.

Insomnia is a tool that you can use to prevent your system's going into a sleep state. When this app is up and running, your system won't hibernate, it won't go into standby; it'll keep its eyes wide open and its senses alert. It's much easier to keep unwanted sleep away with a little tool like this than it is to go in and mess with your system settings for a one-off change.

Insomnia is a free download. It runs on your Windows system.

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