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You just ran across something interesting and want to write it down. Maybe you want to save the info for your own purposes, or maybe you'd like to share it with others. Either way, you need a tool to do the deed. is an online notepad. Use it to jot a reminder for yourself, or as a place to quickly squirrel away and address or the URL for an interesting web page. Your note gets a discrete web address, so you can get back to it again later. Or you can share that URL with others and use it as a way to get your story out to the rest of the world. Tired of Twitter's 140-character limit? Write out what you really want to say in and include a link to your note in a tweet. Now everybody can see what you really think. You can leave things as plain text, or you can mark up the page, embed links, add video, and bunches of other stuff.

It doesn't cost anything to use There's no registration required, and all you need to access this service is a web browser.


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