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If you've got nothing better to do, you can sit at your computer all day and watch as your RSS feed reader collects all the news and information you have coming in to your machine. You'll be the best-read geek on your block, but you'll also get nothing else done. That could be a problem.

SmallNews is an application that takes the goodies that come in to you via RSS and helps you make better use of them. Specifically, it creates a PDF document for you that you can print out, pass along to your friends, read on your computer, or put on your handheld device—smart phone, Kindle, iPad, others?—to read while you're on the bus, lounging by the side of the pool, or otherwise not tethered to your system. It's got dedicated "handlers" for lots of sites that allow you to grab entire articles instead of just summaries, good for many newspaper sites.

You can grab a copy of SmallNews for your Mac (OS X, version 10.5+, Intel or PowerPC). Oh, and it's free as well.

Download SmallNews

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