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Comparing files can be a pain in the neck. Sometimes it's obvious where the differences are; but more often than not, the differences are minor and obscure. No matter how small those differences may be, however, when it comes time to compile your new program or finish that important report, those small diffs make all the difference in the world.

DiffMerge is a tool that lets you compare files and directories. Open two files to compare them; differences will be highlighted so you can easily see what's in the first file but not the second, and what's in the second file but not the first. In addition to showing you those differences, you can choose to merge files as well. Now you'll have the best of both worlds—or at least of both files. In addition, you can do folder-to-folder comparisons, to see which files are in duplicated between directories, as well as noting differences between identically-named files.

DiffMerge is a free download. It's available for Linux (Ubuntu 6, Fedora 7), Mac (OS X 10.4+), and Windows (Win 2000 and later) machines.

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