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Unless you're recording your deepest thoughts in a diary, you're presumably writing for an audience. But how do you know whether your intended audience is going to be able to read what you've written? We don't all have the luxury of a highly-skilled editor, but perhaps there's a tool that can stand in for that missing staff member.

Paper Rater is a tool that will look over your shoulder at what you've written and let you know what it thinks. It checks for the obvious—spelling, grammar, plagiarism and misappropriated content—as well as some of the more subtle signs that can help you with style and readability issues, that let you differentiate between what might work for junior high kids as opposed to bona fide rocket scientists and brain surgeons. All you do is copy and paste the title, body, and reference list for your work into their web form. Let the tool know who your intended audience is and what type of paper you're writing (research paper, essay, book report, etc.), and push the magic button. It'll let you know of any errors it's found, as well as letting you know about how your paper may be received by your target audience.

Paper Rater is a free online service. There's no sign up required, so all you really need is a browser and a paper you want feedback on.

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