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Playing solitaire on your computer is the butt of too many jokes about distraction and lack of productivity. Like many things, however, there is a time and a place for even this lowly activity. Maybe you really are just killing time or taking a break from more productive undertakings. Or maybe you really, really like to play solitaire. Either way, maybe you should check out JustSolitaire.

JustSolitaire has dozens of different solitaire games you can play. Whether it's old favorites like Klondike or Pyramid, or some exotic version you've never seen before—I didn't know there were that many ways to play solitaire—you can just go nuts. These online games are all built in HTML 5, so you'll need a modern web browser to use them, but you won't need Flash or some Java plugin. That also means that you can use them not only on your computer, but more than likely they'll work just fine on your iPad, your smart phone, or just about any other device that can get you on the Web.

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