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When it comes to keeping the nasties off your computer, you're well prepared. Of course you've got an antivirus app running all the time. Your firewall keeps outsiders out. You don't open email attachments you aren't expecting. But what about the stuff you download? How do you know you're getting what you think you are? Many reputable sites include an MD5 hash for the files they make available. After you download the file, you compare the hash on the file you downloaded with the one on the site. If they match, then you're golden; otherwise, you may not be getting what you're looking for.

HashTab makes it easy to generate a hash for your download, so that you can compare it to the one on the site. Naturally it supports MD5, but also can generate SHA1, SHA2, and other values as well. All you need to do to check your latest download is to right-click on the file and select File Hashes from the context menu. It doesn't get any easier than that.

HashTab is available for both Mac (OS X 10.4 and later) and Windows (XP and later).

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