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The World Wide Web is a colorful place. Way back when, everything you saw on your computer screen was just black and white—or more likely black and green. With all the image formats supported, as well as extras like Flash and such, there's a ton of color out there. But how do they choose all those colors? And what about people, like your humble correspondent, who couldn't pick colors that go together if their life depended on it? That's where a tool like Color Match comes in to save the day.

With Color Match, it's easy to generate a palette of colors that make sense together. Pick a color, or type in the values to create one, and you'll get a bunch of swatches of color that would look just dandy with your choice. In addition to being able to see those resulting colors on-screen, you also get the hex and decimal values for those colors, allowing you to replicate them on your site or that nifty new desktop application you're building.

Color Match is a free online service. All you need to use it is a web browser.

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