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runs on Windows
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Moving files from here to there is a daily occurrence for lots of folks. Uploading a web page, downloading a report, interacting with all different kinds of servers. Often that means having separate tools for plain old FTP, secure SFTP, and even the relatively recent WebDAV. But not if you have BitKinex.

With BitKinex, you've got an all-in-one solution to pushing files around. Uploading web pages via FTP is easy. It handles your more sensitive files securely via SFTP. And using WebDAV doesn't require any obscure command line commands. It's designed to take advantage of multiple connections, and smart enough to let you resume interrupted transfers, so you're going to save time in the process.

BitKinex is a Windows application. It requires Windows 2000 or later, and you'll also need to have at least IE version 5 on your machine.

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