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Copy and paste makes the world go 'round. Or at least it makes your visit to computer land go more smoothly. With the ability to copy text, your system's clipboard helps you shave minutes, if not hours, off of your work day. Unfortunately, by default your clipboard can only hold one thing—the last thing you copied to it—at a time. That's great if you want to paste that chunk of text you just copied, but if you're looking for the last thing you had on there prior to that, you're out of luck.

Clyppan is a clipboard history tool that lets you use not only what you just dropped on the clipboard, but also that thing you stuck on there an hour ago, or a day ago, or whenever. You just pop up a list of what's hit your clipboard, and then scroll through it to find the exact snippet you're looking for. You drive the whole process with a set of hotkeys, so it's fast. It also supports search, so when you've got a bunch of stuff in there, you won't then have to slog through all the entries one at a time, potentially killing any time savings you might have gained with this app.

You can download Clyppan for free. It's a Mac app, and requires OS X 10.5.6 (Leopard) or later.

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    Thank you! Will try the product out. Thanks!

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