Consolidate all your inboxes with Inbox2

runs on Windows
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If you're really plugged-in, communication-wise, then you're monitoring several email accounts, as well as a bunch of social networking sites all at once. This means that you're probably running several different applications on your desktop, as well as having several windows open in your web browser. While you're going to know the latest and greatest by looking at all this stuff, you still have to look in a lot of different places. By the time you check Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, a POP mail account or two, and whatever else you've got on tap, you've worn your fingers to the bone, to say nothing of the likelihood of your missing some important stuff in there.

Inbox2 is designed to give you a hand with this problem. It lets you incorporate all your communications needs in one window. Now instead of having to wander around your desktop, you've got one consolidated inbox to receive all your mail and social network updates. No more having to jump from here to there, and much less chance of overlooking something in the process.

You can download Inbox2 for your Windows system.

Download Inbox2

6 Responses to “Consolidate all your inboxes with Inbox2”

  1. B says:

    Where is the download link?

  2. Paul D says:

    Do the words “Download Inbox2” suggest anything to you?

  3. Andreas says:

    They are used with a pushable big red button
    (Half serious)

  4. Phil K says:

    Slow as hell – at least on my Win 7 64bit – and where is anything about Spam ? I NEED something to block the spam.

  5. Sofia says:

    Well, I downloaded the app and now have to play with it a bit to see how well it works.

  6. Votre says:

    Installed it and set up one Hotmail account as a test.

    Installation and setup went smoothly. Inbox opened on launch, but wrong dates were displayed for every message. Program also crashed when I tried to open first message. Closed app, restarted it, and tried again.

    Same result.

    Uninstalled the app. Email clients don’t get a second chance with me if they don’t work correctly. right out of the box. It’s too important a function to screw around with. Or screw up on.

    Too bad. The interface was gorgeous to look at.

    Positive note: app uninstalled very cleanly. No garbage left on the drive or in the registry. Kudos for doing at least that much. 🙂