One-click cleanup with Black Hole

runs on Mac
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Black holes are strange beasts. They're the ultimate read-only dropbox for light, matter, and anything else that gets close enough to them. (I'm not a physicist, nor do I play one on TV, so let's just agree to file this under "poetic license".) Metaphorically, they are used to stand for anything where once something goes in, it's never seen or heard from again. So how might this apply to software?

Black Hole is an app that lets you really, really get rid of stuff. Whether it's deleting files, clearing caches, emptying the clipboard, quitting apps, or securely dumping and getting rid of everything in the trash, this tool acts like a black hole for the stuff on your machine you don't want to have hanging around. It's easy to configure, only requiring you to tick checkboxes to decide which of these you want to accomplish with the application. And it comes with instructions to help you tweak advanced settings, like which recent items you want to send away.

You can grab a copy of Black Hole for your Mac. You'll need to be running OS X 10.6 to use it. (And when you jump to the publisher's site, you'll find the app about half-way down the page.)

Download Black Hole

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  1. kasha baxter says:

    cannot download, or at least when i double clicked nothing happened

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