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runs on Windows
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Where DID I leave that thing? If it's a book or a phone, maybe digging through the clutter on your desk or the mess in your trunk might yield reasonable results. If it's a computer file, though, you've probably got a much bigger challenge ahead. Sure, maybe you've got a well-organized system and always put everything away where it's supposed to go. For the rest of us, a little help may be in order.

FileSeek is a tool to help you find those files you just know are on your computer somewhere, but can't for the life of you figure out where. Give it a keyword or two and it'll do its best to find all the files that include that text in their names. But it also goes the next step and looks inside of those files as well. It will find matches for plain old text, but its real power comes in its use of regular expressions. That means that you aren't just searching for words, but for the context around the words, meaning a lot fewer "false positives" in your matches. Now that you're not limited to just titles, but have access to all of your glowing prose as well, it should be a lot easier to find things. Maybe next time you can file them away in a more appropriate (and easier-to-find) location.

FileSeek is a Windows application. You can run it under Win2k and later.

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One Response to “Search for and actually find your files”

  1. Colin says:

    I downloaded this and tried to get it to find files on Vista Ultimate. It found nothing whatsoever, as the directory path was too long.

    In Vista, one is stuck with a long path e.g. C:/Users/My name Account/Documents/Work Documents/Dec 18th 2010 Folder. That alone is over 70 characters. Add in the file name and Fileseek is stuffed. So it has to go.

    Ah well…back to Benubird PDF for me. Now there’s a program that can manage files and find stuff fast.