Solitaire for your Mac

runs on Mac
screenshot of McSolitaire

Ever since Windows 3 came out, folks have had a solitaire game on their computer. Like death and taxes, you could always count on its being there. While the Mac came with its own collection of time wasters—I mean games—there wasn't a good old game of solitaire for you.

McSolitaire puts that problem to an end once and for all. Now instead of missing out on what all your Windows buddies have, you can have your very own deck of electronic cards. No more having to worry about being too productive, as you can fire it up and play a mean game of Klondike whenever the mood strikes you.

As its name hints, McSolitaire is a Mac application. The current version runs under OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later. And if you're behind the curve, there's still an older unsupported version available that will run on just about anything going back as far as 10.1 (Puma).

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