Virtual desktops for Windows

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Virtual desktops are a great way to make your computer more useful. Instead of having twenty windows open on your screen all at once, you can create several virtual desktops, each of which holds only the apps you're using at one time for a particular task—maybe a couple of graphics tools for that picture you're working on, or maybe a text editor and a compiler for your next programming project. Virtual desktops are great. And unless you're using Linux or another *nix platform, you may not have access to them.

Dexpot is a tool that lets you work with virtual desktops on your Windows machine. Now you don't have to be envious of all those geeky Linux guys (and gals), 'cause you can keep your life much more organized with all those different desktops. Heck, you can even create multiple desktops just because you've got too many cool wallpapers and screen savers for just one display. It supports up to twenty different virtual desktops, so you can set up a lot of task groups or download a whole lot of different wallpapers.

You can run Dexpot under Windows 2000 and later, including 64-bit systems. But if you really want it, they've still got the previous (unsupported) version, that works on systems running Windows 95 and newer.

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