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I think we can mostly agree that plagiarism is a bad thing. Unless you're a student desperate to get a paper done and willing to take your chances, you probably don't want to appropriate anybody else's work. And if you have a website or some other intellectual property you're responsible for, you probably don't want to have your material lifted for use by others.

Plagiarism Checker is a tool that can help you look for plagiarized material on the web. Just grab a phrase or three from your document and plug them into the tool. It does a quick search of the web and will return any results it finds that match your text. If you're lucky, the only matches you'll get back are your page; otherwise, it may be time to take a look at those other pages and see if the match is just a coincidence, or if there's something more than that going on. There are instructions included to help you get more out of the tool, whether you're a teacher checking a student's paper, or an author looking to see whether somebody's using your material.

All you need to use Plagiarism Checker is a web browser. This free service doesn't require you to sign up or give out your email address or anything like that.

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