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Microsoft Word DOC files are everywhere. While Word isn't the only game in town, it's certainly miles ahead of whatever's in second place. One nice thing about DOCs is that they're cross-version compatible. If you've got any version from the last ten years (or more), you're able to read stuff that somebody else has created on their system, whether it's the same version as yours or not. Until Microsoft changed how they structure their DOC files. Now all of a sudden, native DOC files (actually now DOCX files) from Word 2007 (Word 2008 on Mac) can't be read under older versions of Word. It might be one thing if you couldn't edit them, but taking away the ability to just read them can put a real crimp in your style.

DocX Viewer is a tool that wants to help you out of this nasty situation. Just fire this app up, and you can open and read through that DOCX file you just received via email, even if you don't have Word 2007—or any version of Word at all—on your machine. And to help save you time, it's designed to open those files fast and to render them as close to what you would see in Word as possible. Now you aren't going to be able to edit anything in that new file, but at least you can see what's there before you try to do anything more serious with it.

You can grab DocX for free. It should run just fine on versions of Windows from NT/2000 up through Version 7.

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3 Responses to “DocX Viewer”

  1. Dimitri says:

    Whoever wrote this obviously isn’t very up-to-date with Microsoft. Microsoft has offer a compatibility add on that allows you to view AND EDIT docx on older office words, and, wait for it, also excel and powerpoint file types as well.

    And, there’s an office 2010 now too.

  2. Dimitri says:

    Add on to my first comment: IT HAS BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE MICROSOFT RELEASED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007. I have been using the add-on for years. Do the research first.

  3. Hal says:

    Well, Dimitri, a little more research would have shown that the Microsoft add-ons only work on Word 2003 and up; moreover, they are typical Microsoft bloatware. This little (600K) file viewer works for those of us who still find Office 97 sufficient, or who do not use Office at all.

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