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Once you put a web page up, it's perfect and you never need to visit it again. Unless you have something more to say about the subject. Or you change your product line. Or you have a link on your page that gets broken. You know it's time to make the change when you're the one driving the process, but how do you know when there's a broken link? The only way to know for sure is for you to click on your links. Each one of them. On a regular basis.

Unless you want to spend your career clicking on the links on your site, it's probably going to be worth your while to automate that process. A tool like Integrity can go along way toward your hanging on to at least a shred of your sanity. Just point Integrity at the page in question, and let it check out all the links on there. It'll report back on every link it finds and let you know whether everything's okay, if links are redirected, or if you've got a bad link—a jump to nowhere. Or let it loose on your site, and it will go through its paces on all your pages. Now you'll know which links to update, and which ones you can safely ignore. And in addition to all this good stuff, you can also use Integrity to build a Google-compatible XML sitemap. Submit that to them to make sure that Googlebot is visiting all of your site's pages.

Integrity is a free download. It runs on Macs under OS X 10.3 and later.

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