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Backing up your machine is an important piece of preventive maintenance, and a real sanity saver. If you don't backup regularly, here's the perfect chance to start.

DFIncBackup home edition is a tool that lets you back up your precious files. You can choose to do a full backup, or to just grab the files that have changed since your last backup. Either way, if the worst happens—whether it's a system failure that eats your hard drive, or just your boo-boo in deleting the wrong files—you've got what it takes to put things back together. Backups are saved in industry-standard Zip files, and they can be encrypted, so you can be confident that your backups are safe and secure.

While the publishers would love to have you buy the Professional version of this tool, the Home edition does much of the same work for free. There is a limit of 8 GB on your backup files, but no matter how you slice it, that's a lot of data.

DFIncBackup home edition is free for use in both private and commercial settings. It's a Windows app and should run under Windows 9x and beyond.

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