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I'm not sure if there's such a thing as something that everybody can agree on, but there are probably at least a few items that might make the short list: Mom, apple pie, and fireworks. As an important part of various celebrations, fireworks can't be beat. Of course there may be a few drawbacks. Like having to wait until the Fourth of July to see them. Or eating another sand-covered sunscreen-flavored hotdog. So what would it be like to get all the "ooo's" and "aah's" of a fireworks display without the lawn chairs or picnic lunch?

Fireworks Simulation attempts to answer this question. You get to design and build your own display: choose the amount of fuel your shells have available, set the explosive force, and even adjust the colors for your display. Or you can always choose a random show and just let yourself be surprised.

Fireworks Simulation is a free service. All you'll need to set up your own aerial show is a recent web browser with Flash installed.

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