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Whether you're roughing out web pages to see how all the pieces fit before you get into hard-core coding, or laying out text for a pamphlet, flier, or some other piece of printed material, you will need some text to see how your page is going to look. While you could use any old text to get this job done, there are a bunch of reasons why not to. Like needing to write that text. Or running afoul of somebody's copyright when you just grab random stuff off the web.

LittleIpsum is a tool you can use to generate a chunk of text based on the tried and true "Ipsum lorem" that everybody uses to mock up text. Instead of having to look for- and find the text, and then grab the amount that you need, and then paste it into your layout tool, LittleIpsum sits in your menubar just waiting for you to call on it. Grab a word, or a sentence, or whatever amount of text you need. By using a chunk of Latin text you get stuff that looks like English (similar word lengths, same characters, and all that), but doesn't require you to actually say anything interesting. Some folks agree that it actually works better because you are looking at from an appearance standpoint only, without your getting bogged down in really reading the thing.

You can grab LittleIpsum for free. It's a Mac application, and runs under OS X (10.6+).

Download LittleIpsum

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