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If you need to scribble down a quickie reminder or idea you want to hang on to, there's nothing like little sticky notes. Stick 'em on a book, stick 'em on your computer monitor, or stick 'em on your kids. Well, maybe not the kids. While this method is quick, it does include certain vulnerabilities. Like an unexpected gust of wind. Maybe you need stronger glue, or maybe a different type of sticky.

Sticky Notes is an application that takes the simplicity of the Post-it note and brings it into the computer age. Create a new note and use it to keep track of an idea, an address, an appointment, or any of the things you might use its paper analogue for. Your reminders can be edited, formatted, and moved around your screen. And they stay put, even through reboots, so you're not going to lose track of what you need to keep an eye on, just because your machine blew up. It's not going to hurt to give Sticky Notes a try, since all your notes are held in plain old text files, and the app doesn't use the Registry for anything, meaning that uninstalling is a breeze. But the amount of money you save in not buying packs of those little adhesive slips of paper may make you want to leave it in place.

You can use Sticky Notes on your Windows system, assuming you're running Windows 2000 or later.

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2 Responses to “Sticky Notes for Windows”

  1. Fran M says:

    Program installed, but items in instruction box will not open.

  2. Gracie says:

    Great little program – I use this every single day just like paper sticky notes. Works perfectly for me in both xp and Windows 7.