Mac disk data recovery

runs on Mac
screenshot of Disk Drill

You bought a Mac because it works, right? That is, until it doesn't. Yes, we know that it's your pride and joy, but sometimes bad things just happen. And when those bad things include files that have been bent, broken, and deleted, you may need some help to get them back.

Disk Drill is a tool that helps you recover files that aren't having a good day. Whether you're dealing with your system's hard drive, a removable FireWire or USB volume, a thumb drive, or memory card, this guy's on the case. It'll dig through the mess and help bring your files back from the Great Beyond. It's a native Mac application, so it understands the idiosyncrasies of the HFS/HFS+ file systems, as well as FAT, NTFS, and more. If you had it on your Mac, this tool will do its best to bring it back.

Disk Drill is a free Mac application. It runs under OS X (10.5 and later), and is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Download Disk Drill

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