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runs on Windows
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Paper or plastic? Chocolate or vanilla? Regular or super-sized? Life is full of choices—sometimes you want more, other times you need less. This can apply to the tools you use during the course of your day as well: you don't need a great big sledge hammer to put a tiny little nail in the wall to hang a picture.

JujuEdit is an app that lets you choose how much is enough. You can use it as a straight-up replacement for Notepad if you like. It can open big files quickly without complaining, which can be handy. Unlike Notepad, however, it doesn't stop there. It's got a big undo buffer, so you can mess things up terribly in your file and still get back to where you started from. You can search for text using regular expressions, meaning that you can actually find what you're looking for. It's even got syntax highlighting, which can help you to better understand what's going on in source code files for your HTML (and other language) projects. And it's easy to resize text on the fly, so you can actually read what you're typing, no matter how old and tired your eyes are.

You can grab your copy of JujuEdit for free and run it on your Windows system.

Download JujuEdit

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  1. Richard Thomas says:

    WOT comments lists jujusoft.com as a distributor of malware.

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