How many words on that web site?

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Some tools have a general use; think hammer, saw, that sort of thing. Then there are those tools that have a very specific purpose, like a fire extinguisher. We found another tool that has that specialized a purpose, a web app called web.word.count.

web.word.count counts the words on a web site. What earthly good would that be, you might ask (we did). Turns out that folks who do translating often are paid by the word. So if you're a translator, and you've been tasked with translating a website, I suppose you could download each page, sit down with a pencil and paper and start counting words, or you could use a tool like this. It's pretty easy; all you do is type in the URL of the site's homepage and press the button. The tool goes out and crawls the site—it'll examine up to 100 pages on a site, and up to five sites in a day in the free version—and comes back with a word count for each page that it finds. It's smart enough to filter out all the stuff that isn't words on the site—scripting code, pages and documents linked to that are actually on somebody else's site—and give you a word count for each page, including both the visible text as well as the ALT text that travels with your images. It calculates a total word count for each page, and a grand total for the site as a whole. You can grab the results from the screen, or download the information in a text file.

web.word.count is a free service. All you need to use it is a web browser and a site you want to know more about.

Download web.word.count

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  1. istvan says:

    Great tool!

    How about counting characters? I get paid by characters (letters).

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