Don't forget your USB drive

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Flash drives are handy, convenient little guys. Back in the day, you had to stick a floppy disk (kids, ask your parents) in your pocket, or a CD in your backpack if you need to carry data from here to there. Now all you need to do is stick a USB thumb drive into an available port, and you've got instant access to amounts of data that little diskette could only dream about. Of course, when you're all done and it's time to log out, you need to remember to take that little piece of magic with you.

Flash Drive Reminder is a tool that can help you remember to do just that. It comes in two versions. One of them pops up a little window when it starts-up, to remind you that it's on the case. You can have it open an Explorer window to remind you which files are on your removable drive, if you like. And of course, it reminds you when you log out or shut down that you need to take your toys home with you. The other version just has the "don't forget me" reminder at the end.

Pick the version you like and download it for free on your Windows system.

Download Flash Drive Reminder

3 Responses to “Don't forget your USB drive”

  1. Dan Clark says:

    I like it and will find it useful.

    What do you think about an option to Hide and then unhide after a specified amount of time? I forget andleave my device in my home computer from time to time and this program will not help since I never log off.

  2. Gwen Bilbrey-Reynolds says:

    mu USB Flash drive has been a wonderful thing. In fact I have 4 to use for different kinds of downloads.

  3. Sofia says:

    From time to time, I leave the thumb drive for my computer at home at my sisters house computer……I will install this little one on her computer so I won’t forget it at her house…..10 miles away!


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